Monday, September 11, 2017

Sweet Pearl

"Sweet Pearl" is now in the shop.  I have added a few more items.  In my Wisteria shop I have finished gift items.  I will be putting more in weekly.  My other shop posiepearlandpalette is Patterns and Kits, wool, fabric and  embellishments. After all my years in a brick and mortar shop, it is time to switch gears and fill up my Etsy shops.  Please visit both.  Thanks for your time,  Blessings,  Brook.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Cooler, Autumn is on it's way, bye bye three digit temps.  I have been busy putting patterns and Kits in my Etsy shop called posiepearlandpalette.  This picture is my finished piece, that is what I put in my Etsy shop wisteriapicketfence. Wisteria has finished gift items, decor etc... May you have a wonderful week.  Blessings,  Brook

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Busy Weekend Kits and Patterns

Spent this weekend putting Kits and Patterns in my Etsy shop,  I put a few finished items in my other Etsy shop.  You will find my Blogs and shops in the side bar.  On a personal note, I have Antiques, furniture, quilt books plus etc...Interested contact me.  Have a good week,  Blessings,  Brook

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summertime Busy

This is Two oak cabinets, picture shows them side by side.  They are on casters that roll real nice.  Shelves are adjustable. Top doors are glass with design, bottom solid doors.  Cabinet  each is 25 wide and 17 deep.  They held my fabric and wool, bottom batting and stuffing.  Loved them.  Perfect for a Quilter, also have an Oak two drawer file cabinet.  If interested I have Antique furniture for sale, Quilt books, patterns etc...  If interested contact me.  I am in the Lancaster CA area.  I have also put this on Facebook.  Thanks for reading and tell a friend.  Blessings,  Brook

Friday, June 16, 2017

Garden Busy

I am Busy in the Garden loving it, also at this time I have two blogs and two Etsy shops.  Please visit, I am working fast to fill, Patterns and Kits,  also some finished items. Above is a simple all wool pattern and fun to make.   Have a wonderful week, We are to have triple digit heat.  I pray we have a good breeze.  Blessings,  Brook